The tone-intonation interface
The phonology of tone and intonation in African languages

The course should explore the relationship between tone and intonation in some African languages. The course might be devoted to an interface issue—the phonology and phonetics of intonation, phonology vs. syntax in phrasing a language (with an overview of the state-of-the-art motivations for prosodic domains such as the mora, the syllable, the foot, the phonological word, the phonological phrase, the intonation phrase, the utterance phrase), how focus is realized phonologically and phonetically in a few Kwa languages, the relationship between tone and music. Issues of phonological modeling of the Fundamental frequency ( with a careful study of the classical Liberman and Pierrehumbert´s model), modeling of downsteps, may also be considered.
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(and of course all papers of Annie Rialland)