We thought we should provide prospective applicants and professors some information about the security issues in Nigeria. Most of you already know about the disturbance created by the group named “Boko Haram”. This disturbance is restricted to Northern Nigeria.

The city of Ibadan is situated in South-western Nigeria. It is just one hour from Lagos, and it is very safe. For those participating in the school, we will arrange to meet you at the Lagos airport, and take you in groups to Ibadan. Our transportation will be marked with an ALS banner.

For the participants from Togo and Benin, you have two choices. If you want to come by yourself, we would encourage you to take the ABC bus service, which runs across West Africa. We will arrange to pick you up at the ABC bus terminal in Lagos, and take you to Ibadan. If you chose this option, we encourage you to travel in the same bus with other participants, to help reduce the number of trips to Lagos. The second choice depends on how many participants are coming from these two countries. Depending on the number of participants, we can send a bus from Ibadan, with an immigration officer, to pick up the Togolese and Beninois to Ibadan as a group.